Converting to RACF

TSG provides a proven and tested methodology for converting CA-Top Secret to CA-ACF/2 to RACF. The Service consists of Consultancy, Project Management, Project Planning, Software Tools (physical conversion), Education and Technical Programming.


Consultancy includes the following three elements:

Security Advice and Policy Definition

Conversion Questionnaire
The conversion questionnaire is completed by the customer and enables TSG to identify the tasks to be considered and a set of initial resource estimates to support the development of an initial project plan for the conversion.

Full Audit
The Full Audit provides the customer with a detailed report of the security environment to be converted. The report details all findings, highlights areas of concern and provides recommendations. In addition, a proposed project plan and detailed resource estimates are provided.


Project Planning & Project Management

TSG has developed several skeleton Project Plans for performing security conversions. Either the TSG consultant or the customer can use these skeleton project plans to produce a final project plan. The project plan will accurately detail all of the tasks and resources required for all phases of the conversion.

Where required TSG also provides Project Management support for the conversion process.

Software Tools

TSG utilise conversion toolkits (developed by PF1 SRL) to assist in the conversion process for both CA-ACF/2 and CA-Top Secret.

The software tools provide a fast, efficient and concise method of converting CA-ACF/2 or CA-Top Secret to RACF. Benefits include significant reduction in manpower requirements, budget savings and confidence in the accuracy and quality of the contents of the newly generated RACF database.

Technical Programming

Both CA-Top Secret and CA-ACF/2 provide functionality that is not provided by standard RACF options or profiles. Some of these facilities are often required after a conversion to ensure continuity and ease of use. Where this is the case, TSG can usually provide these facilities in the form of RACF exit code.

TSG can provide guidance and expertise in other related areas. Extensive skills exist that allow quick and accurate analysis of existing routines, and suggested solutions can be put forward and implemented as per customer requirements.

Over time, TSG has gained experience in situations where source code changes have been required. Thousands of lines of program code, written in a multitude of languages such as Assembler, COBOL, PL/1, CLIST, REXX, have been scrutinised and modified to work with RACF. Examples include system exits, CA-ACF2 and CA-Top Secret API routines, TSO CLISTs, REXX execs, ISPF panels, ROSCOE RPFs, etc. Any changes usually aim at maintaining the functionality of existing routines, thus minimising the impact on the end users. For technical reasons, this is not always achievable, and TSG will in those cases discuss alternative solutions with the customer to ensure full satisfaction.


TSG also provides formal RACF education, presented in a classroom environment. All courses can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of a recipient. The courses available are as follows: