Protecting your investment in document management

The investment in existing MTEXT documents represents years of effort by your organisation. TSG Software have been working in the field of migrations since 1996 and have delivered numerous conversions in that time, many mainframe focused. For MTEXT we deliver functionally equivalent documents in well structured open systems document management products, allowing migration from an expensive language based product into a functionally rich open systems environment.

The majority of the projects TSG have been involved in have had a target platform of ISIS Papyrus, one of the market leading solutions. However any other print management product or protocol could easily be targeted due to the flexibility of the migration engine.

Why Migrate?

Technology Concerns

Business Reasons

Protect valuable legacy software assets
Migration is a less expensive option when compared to rewrite

MTEXT Migration Deliverables

The TSG MTEXT conversion is a highly automated service. The MTEXT documents are converted on a one-for-one basis into functionally equivalent documents, fully exploiting the features of the target environment.

Any code that cannot be converted is highlighted in the converted source and documented in an exception report, stating the verb/component/model/module, the technical reason for not populating the target product and 'best practice' suggestions.

The finished document will be functionally equivalent and ready for system testing with the maintenance and enhancements following the best practice architecture for the target environment.

Reduced Costs/Better Environment

Moving away from a mainframe document management system saves on annual maintenance charges, upgrade charges and future training costs. In addition, migrating your systems to an open systems product future proofs your organisation should you wish to migrate from the mainframe in the future.