Automatic redesign of Cobol applications into Java or C#

Using a proven toolkit, we translate COBOL code into a fully Object Oriented and re-architectured code with no legacy dependencies. The generated code can be maintained and enhanced by developers with no prior training in COBOL.

This approach vastly reduces modernisation project timescales, cost and risk by an significant amount vs. manual redevelopment.

Business Rule extraction is the process of isolating and reporting on the business rules from the application code. With text, graphical and flowchart outputs, We are able to carry out in-depth analysis and reporting on the COBOL application code, prior to the transformation.

The analysis unlocks the legacy application, making it ready for a total transformation service, where it is re-written in a variety of languages to suit the client requirement including Java (J2EE, Tomcat and WebSphere application servers) and C# (For Microsoft .NET platform).

The objective has always been to generate legible and maintainable code. The quality of code substantially affects the costs associated with future maintenance of the application.



Cobol to Java White Paper