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CA-Telon migration Option 1

Migrate to a new compatible development tool - Casegen

In this option we will migrate all of the CA-Telon applications into our own application development tool, Casegen. This product is a PC based application design and generation tool that is similar in structure to CA-Telon, so much so that most CA-Telon trained developers will start using it with less than one days training.

To begin with, we will analyse your CA-Telon environment and programs and set up Casegen so that it mimics all of the Macro changes, environmental options and setup specifications that you have in your current implementation of CA-Telon. 

We then import all of the programs information from the CA-Telon TDF into Casegen, and you are then ready to start using Casegen as a full replacement for Telon. 

As part of the migration to Casegen, we can, if required, assist you to make some basic changes, such as changing IMS/DC (IMS/TM) applications to CICS applications.

The major difference with Casegen is that it generates modern well structured PL1 or COBOL, in the case of COBOL we use the ANSI ‘85 standard.  The code that is generated by Casegen is the full source code of the programs, i.e. there are NO licenced program components, as there are in CA-Telon and without which the CA Telon generated applications will not run.

We support all of the CA-Telon environments, options and databases. Using the Casegen product, you can maintain the imported applications, and regenerate them as you make changes.  You can also create new applications, and will find that Casegen is far more productive and simpler to use that CA-Telon. 

Being PC based, you can use Casegen to design, modify and generate your applications, and then with a PC based mainframe environment, such as Micro Focus MFE, you can test the applications before uploading them to the mainframe – or wherever your production environment exists.

See Casegen in action?
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Benefits of Migrating to Casegen

One other final choice
You may wish to escape from the Telon licence fees as soon as you can.  However, it may take some time to convert all of the current applications into Casegen.

In this case, you may be able to use the TSG replacement Run Time Modules (see Option 3) to replace the CA licensed Run Time Modules, and almost immediately cancel the Telon Licence.

Once your existing systems are running with the TSG Modules, (a few weeks?) then you can convert the Telon systems over to Casegen , starting with those which have the most immediate need for maintenance.

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