Locked in to your change management solution?

No alternative ?

Many users of long established software change management (SCM) products for the IBM Mainframe believe that there is no real alternative to the continued use of their incumbent products. Whole  IT development strategies are often built around those technologies rendering them apparently “indispensable”.

Truly there is

TSG Software has a proven automated migration capability to a new SCM product which can negate those arguments. TSG can provide a comprehensive replacement which provides all the features and functions of the long established products at much reduced licence cost and which can be fully integrated with distributed versioning tools. All the investment in the previous technology is protected as SCM structures and code are smoothly migrated to the replacement, ISPW.


ISPW can replace CA SCM for Mainframe (formerly CA-Endevor) and Serena ChangeMan ZMF, as well as older products like CA-Librarian, CA-Panvalet and IBM's SCLM.  It will provide both mainframe and distributed cross-platform application deployment and cooperates with local tools like Subversion, CVS and PVCS.


Increased functionality

ISPW delivers in one product what other suppliers offer in three:

Reduced Software costs

With no MIPS-based upgrade fees, ISPW costs are low from the offset. CA-Endevor and ChangeMan ZMF customers can typically save 30% and often more.

Reduced admin costs

Typically ISPW requires 50% less human resource than the product it replaces. The need for external consulting can be eliminated while meetings and manual procedures are replaced with automation.


High speed conversion

Typically migrations will take between 3 and 6 months depending on complexity but a full analysis of the existing environment will be done prior to any dates or pricing being agreed.

To eliminate risk to either customer or themselves, TSG will always provide:

Key facts

For further information on any or all of these points, please download the ISPW Crash course document here or contact TSG Software.