TSG Software has been looking after the software technology needs of Enterprise Companies for almost two decades. We market software products, and we also provide a wealth of software migration solutions, mainly for the legacy IBM mainframe clients.

Migration Solutions

TSG has been performing migrations of IBM mainframe legacy development tools, languages and databases since 1995.

Many of the mainframe 4GL’s, application generators and Databases offered huge productivity gains in their day, but now the annual licence costs and the excessive upgrade charges make them very expensive to run, whilst the cost of migrating was always thought to be too high.

TSG provides a solution by migrating these technologies into COBOL for the applications and DB2 for the databases. We can do this efficiently because we use automated technology to migrate the products, no hand coding is carried out.

This means that we always produce consistent results, and that as each project has been completed, our technology has become stronger. It also means that the testing effort can be reduced over a traditional manual conversion, as our converters will always produce the same results, i.e. the successful conversion of a particular section of code or feature will be replicated wherever that code or feature is used.

Typical candidates are: Mantis, Supra, Total, CA-Telon, CSP, Natural, Adabas, ADS/Online and IDMS, although we do offer other bespoke conversion services.

Most of our migrations have been charged as fixed price projects.

NOTE: We have never had a failed migration project.