IDMS Migration

TSG Software has a great deal of experience helping clients migrate from legacy database platforms to modern RDBMS platforms.
We can offer a proven automated migration for IDMS databases to any of the major RDBMS (IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server) either on or off the mainframe platform. The new database will provide a complete replacement for all IDMS database functionality. Alongside this migration all ADS/Online programs can be converted to CICS Cobol or C# .NET and application code written in other languages (COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, Easytrieve) converted to access the new database.


Database Definition

Based on the characteristics and functionality of the original IDMS database, TSG provides a functionally complete fully relational replacement. The DDL to create this new database is generated by the TSG conversion routines, automatically creating all required primary keys, foreign keys, index definitions and constraints.


Data Conversion

Fast and efficient Cobol routines are provided to unload the IDMS data to the correct format for relational database load utility.
Other optional deliverables are customised JCL to run the extracts, control cards for the relational database data LOAD process, control cards for RI checking, control cards for RUNSTATS processing and DCLGEN control cards for the generation of Cobol layouts of the tables.



Due to the automated nature of the migration, it is possible to tailor the deliverables to match the customer requirements.
Table, column, table space and index names can be customised to reflect site naming standards, rules based data cleansing can be built into the data extract routines and date fields can be manipulated to allow use of relational DATE data type. In addition several options to change the data definitions are available.



Since a complete understanding of the IDMS database and how the relational database relates to it is key a wealth of documentation is produced as part of the migration process.


ADS/Online Conversion

ADS/Online applications are converted to efficient and functionally equivalent CICS/Cobol or C# .NET using an automated process. The resulting C# and COBOL applications are multi-tiered, made up of Presentation, Map Edit, Business and Database I/O layers thus preserving the structure of the original ADS/Online.

Due to the automated nature of the conversion process, a large degree of customisation is possible but in any case all IDMS-based application components are automatically converted and IDMS database access is converted to process against the new relational database.