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CA-Telon migration Option 3

Keep the CA-Telon generated code and replace the CA licenced Run Time Modules

This option is not recommended for clients where there is a high level of maintenance required, due to complexity of maintaining the unstructured code that CA-Telon generates.

Most CA-Telon users will know that the code which it generates is not truly standalone COBOL or PL1, as it depends on certain CA supplied Run Time Modules.

Although some of these are modules supplied in source form, they are nevertheless licenced modules, and if you choose remove CA-Telon, you must replace these modules or keep paying the full fees.

Whilst you could, in theory, rewrite these modules, this is especially difficult if you are using any of the LINEOPT options as these are written in Assembler, and are very complex.

Fortunately, TSG has gone through the pain and has developed a full set of routines to replace the CA-Telon Run Time Modules. These have been deployed in half a dozen sites worldwide, and are truly well proven.

The even better news is that to replace the CA modules with TSG's, you simply need to re-link the existing applications, so you can be in a position to cancel the Telon licence in a very short space of time.

Should you subsequently need to maintain the code, you will need to make any changes at the source code level. As the Telon generated source code is quite an old design, it is highly recommended that you are confident that no more than minimal maintenance will be required BEFORE you go down this route.

Benefits of Migrating by replacing the CA licenced Run Time Modules

One other final choice
You may wish to escape from the CA-Telon licence fees as soon as you can but are worried that if you simply replace the CA Run Time modules with the TSG ones, then that will cause you a problem when you come to maintain the code. In this case, we have a solution for you.

The resolution for this is to implement the TSG Run Time Modules in the short term to escape from the cost of the Telon licence, and then have an agreed schedule to migrate into Casegen those systems that require regular maintenance...

By doing this you will have the ease of maintenance of the 'active' systems, and the low cost option of using the TSG Run Time modules to continue to run the other CA-Telon generated systems 'as is'.

We would be happy to discuss this option with you.

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