• TSG are happy to set up a specific Webex demonstration on converting old IBM Mainframe technologies, just contact us and let us know what technology you are looking to remove.
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  • TSG can organise a Webex demonstration of :
  • Conversion of Natural and Adabas to Cobol CICS and DB2, SQL Server or Oracle, including providing a new Natural Language Syntax IDE, but NO SAG licences are required !
  • Upgrading from CA-Telon to Casegen, a full replacement product and code generator, which is much easier to learn and use.
  • Conversion of IDMS systems, including converting all application code accessing IDMS.
  • Converting from Endevor or ChangeMan to ISPW, a fully featured modern build SCM product that will satisfy the most demanding SCM administrator!
  • Conversion of Mantis and Supra systems, to Cobol CICS and DB2, SQL Server or Oracle.

TSG Software has been looking after the software technology needs of Enterprise Companies for almost two decades. We market software products, and we also provide a wealth of software migration solutions, mainly for the legacy IBM mainframe clients.

Migration Solutions

TSG has been performing migrations of IBM mainframe legacy development tools, languages and databases since 1995.

Many of the mainframe 4GL’s, application generators and Databases offered huge productivity gains in their day, but now the annual licence costs and the excessive upgrade charges make them very expensive to run, whilst the cost of migrating was always thought to be too high.

TSG provides a solution by migrating these technologies into COBOL for the applications and DB2 for the databases. We can do this efficiently because we use automated technology to migrate the products, no hand coding is carried out.

This means that we always produce consistent results, and that as each project has been completed, our technology has become stronger. It also means that the testing effort can be reduced over a traditional manual conversion, as our converters will always produce the same results, i.e. the successful conversion of a particular section of code or feature will be replicated wherever that code or feature is used.

Typical candidates are: Mantis, Supra, Total, CA-Telon, CSP, Natural, Adabas, ADS/Online and IDMS, although we do offer other bespoke conversion services.

Most of our migrations have been charged as fixed price projects.

NOTE: We have never had a failed migration project.





  • TSG perform migrations of various IBM Mainframe or z/OS based applications systems and databases.
  • The resulting applications and databases perform with exactly the same functionality as the original, but without the annual licence charges that Cincom, Computer Associates (CA), etc. will charge, and of course the  upgrade fees if you should increase the MIPS or MSU rating of your CPU.
  • We migrate Cincom’s Mantis to COBOL CICS, and Mantis Batch to COBOL.
  • We migrate Supra PDM, Supra SQL and Supra RDM to DB2, but we can also convert Supra PDM and RDM to Oracle or SQL Server.
  • Migrating Mantis / Supra systems is usually performed as two separate projects, with Mantis being converted to Cobol /CICS, and then the Supra database to DB2 or Oracle as a second phase conversion.
  • Telon (CA-Telon) presents two conversion options.
  • The simplest CA-Telon escape route is to replace the CA supplied (and licensed) Run Time Modules with our own in house written replacements.  This is simple and less expensive than a Telon conversion, but it leaves you with the Telon generated code to maintain using a standard editor, which is not easy or very efficient.
  • The best option is to covert all the existing Telon applications into the Casegen design and generation tool, which is a complete replacement for CA-Telon.
  • We support all the Telon options, COBOL, PL1, IMSDC (IMSTM) CICS, Batch, with VSAM, DB2 and IMSDB, although Casegen Enterprise will also support SQL Server and Oracle instead of DB2
  • The applications are then fully regenerated in  PL1 or Cobol, the new code is better structured, written to a modern standard and contains no licensed components, which therefore means that the code is portable to Windows / Unix platforms, although some for of mainframe emulation will be required.
  • For clients using IDMS and ADS/O (or ADS Online) the conversion is to COBOL and DB2.
  • For Adabas and Natural from Software AG, there is a choice of migrating to Oracle and to either Java or C#.
  • IBM Mainframe Assembler is converted to Cobol or to C
  • Migrating CSP and VAG (Visual Age Gen) takes you to COBOL CICS and DB2.
  • PL1 systems can be migrated to COBOL, although depending on the complexity of the PL1 code, some assembler sub routines may be required if COBOL can not handle the requirements.